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The 2012 Formula One season in numbers

  1. So, the F1 season is officially over. The only thing left for teams to pack away are the hangovers from last night’s end of season revels in Brazil. But pinging into the Top Gear inbox this morning came the work of some clever people, who stayed off the champagne to calculate some incredible stats from the 2012 season.

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  2. Did you know… that 31,800 race tyres were used this year? 22,500 dry tyres, 9,300 wet tyres and additional 6,600 for the tests.

  3. Did you know… the longest race of the year was Malaysia? You had to squint at the screen for 2hrs 44min 51.812s. The shortest race was back here in Blighty, with only 1 hr 25min 11.288s of racing.

  4. Did you know… that the average life span of a dry compound tyre this season was 180 km? The wets would ‘fall off the cliff’ 40kms earlier, only lasting on average 140 km.

  5. Did you know… that Lewis Hamilton hit the highest average speed over a lap this year? 248.241 kph during qualifying at Monza. 

  6. Did you know… that there were 957 pit stops this year? 14 were Drive Through penalties and two were Stop & Go penalties.

  7. Did you know… that McLaren’s army of silver helmeted pit stoperers are the fastest in the paddock? At the German GP they managed to change Button’s tyres in 2.31seconds. Convincingly snatching the record from previously holders: Kwik Fit Dagenham.

  8. Did you know that… before the Brazilian GP there had been 994 overtaking manoeuvres? The most happened at the Chinese GP, where 90 people were passed. If you want to see overtaking action, avoid Monaco. There were only 12 passes there.

  9. Did you know… that it’s taken Pirelli 92 hours to download all the techy data about the tyres? We hope they’ve got a good internet package.

  10. Did you know … that a support truck does an average of 31,125 kms a year following the F1 pack around the world? That’s a lot of games of I spy.

  11. Did you know… that the tiramisu loving Italians at Pirelli have used 205kgs of mascarpone to make trifle and other deserts? To add perspective, that’s a whole Rik Waller worth of mascarpone.

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