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TG has stumbled across an advert for a second-hand Renault. Specifically, a second-hand, fully operational and genuine ex-Red Bull Racing Formula One Renault.

Yep, it’s the actual car Mark Webber drove in the actual 2007 Formula One season, codenamed ‘RB3’. Designed by Adrian Newey, this is a car that competed in the Australian, Malaysian, Bahrain, Spanish and Monaco rounds.

It’s up for £250,000, hardly pocket change, granted, but cheaper than a Lamborghini Aventador and significantly more exotic. A fine bit of TG maths you can employ should you need to explain the purchase to your significant other.

Or indeed, sod the maths, and just turn the thing on: the RB3 came with 2.4-litres of naturally-aspirated Renault-engined V8, kicking out many, many horsepowers all the way up to an 18,000rpm redline. So it’ll sound ballistic if you’ve just gotten used to this year’s turbo V6s.

It’s hooked up to what proved to be the car’s Achilles’ heel - a hydraulically actuated paddleshift gearbox that was designed to give completely instantaneous gearshifts, but only served to make the RB3 dreadfully unreliable.

Though because you are not a Mark Webber, and will likely need some spares, the seller has thrown in a veritable truckload. Different aero packages with high- and low-downforce set-ups, extra wheels, engine covers, headrests and floor panels are all included to sweeten the deal.

If you do buy it, might we suggest loaning it to Vettel for the remaining two races? He might be in need of a decent motor…

Check out the advert here. 

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