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Classified ad of the week: Ferrari Enzo

Earlier this week, we showed you a human with the temerity to take a Ferrari Enzo for a spot of rallying. Yep, an Enzo. The thoroughbred 650bhp flagship from Modena. Being driven sideways. On mud. And almost definitely inspired by James May and Chris Meeke.

You were so enraged by the site of said flippin’ rare ‘Rari being thrown around on mucky lanes that you filled up the bottom of our internet with angry comments. Several readers were so cross they completely forgot to punctuate.

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So, this week’s classified ad is for the conservationists - here’s an Enzo once owned by Sir Jenson of Button that you can ensure never gets subjugated to this sort of abhorrent misuse.

Named after the eponymous Enzo Ferrari, it was built to commemorate the manufacturer’s first formula one title of the new millennium, and thrust onto the launch pad at the 2002 Paris motor show. Initially, Ferrari limited production to 349 cars, sending invitations to customers that’d bought an F40 or F50. As you’d imagine, they all said yes and each one was accounted for before production began.

This angered those robbed of the chance to get their own Enzo, so Ferrari knocked up another 50, bringing the total population to 399. Until 2004, that is - being generous sorts, it built one more and donated it to the Vatican for charity, which later sold at auction for $1.1m.

But that’s hardly surprising. It is, in every sense, insane. Designed by former Pininfarina head, Ken Okuyama, it’s got a carbon fibre body, F1-style electrohydraulic transmission (which shifts in just 150 milliseconds), and carbon composite brakes. The computer-actuated rear wing produces 1700lb of downforce at 186 mph, a speed it’s able to reach thanks to the 6.0-litre, 651hp, 485lb ft V12 mounted amidships.

And this is a rather nice example of the breed. It’s finished in Rosso Corsa red with full leather, large racing seats in black, with factory-fit four-point harnesses in red. And it’s still got Jenson’s name on the V5. It’s pretty much just as it was the last time it came up for sale.

How much, we hear you crow? The seller won’t give us an actual figure, but invites “sensible offers”. But looking at what Enzos fetch at auction, we wager it’ll be somewhere around the £1m mark…

Any TopGear.commers going to save this from potential rally disaster?

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