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Dodge Challenger news - A time for miracles… - 2008

It’s nearly Christmas – the time of miracles and mince pies and things like that – so we think we’re totally justified in drawing up our traditional ‘Top Gear List of Stuff We’d Really Like to Happen But Won’t in a Million Years’.

And right at the top of it is this, a Le Mans-prepped Dodge Challenger from Swedish design firm Vizualtech.

It’s not some aftermarket tuning effort. It’s not even a hopeful concept that’ll never get built. In fact, it’s no more than a collection of artfully arrangement pixels on a Swedish geek’s desktop, created to show off Vizualtech’s 3D rendering talents.

But we like it. Check out all the lovely carbon bits, that implausibly wide track – with beefed-up shoulders to contain it all – and giant rear wing. All this is good. As is the Gulf livery – though we might leave the flame decals at home. We wouldn’t want to be accused of overkill, after all…

We can’t help thinking the Challenger might look more at home on a DTM track than at Le Mans, but either way, this is something that really needs to be built.

Hell, Chrysler’s got plenty of spare cash lying around at the moment, hasn’t it? And it seems like a good time to go into motor racing – it’s not like every manufacturer is furiously pulling out of its racing operations, is it? Ah.

But who knows? If we’re all really, really well behaved, and we all put it at the top of our Christmas wish list, anything could happen. And, while we’re at it, let’s all pray that bloody Hallelujah monstrosity doesn’t make it to number one… 

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