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Is this the F1 car of the future?

Published: 09 Apr 2015

2014 saw arguably the biggest shakeup in the history of Formula One regulations, with the V6 turbocharged hybrids powering the sport into a new era. But despite this, it seems the F1 reg book could be turned on its head yet again, and as early as 2017.

Despite the new hybrid power units producing as much grunt as the old screaming V8s, there's something just not quite as exciting about them. In a bid to regenerate enthusiasm for the sport, F1's Strategy Group wants to see the engines cranked up into quadruple figures: 1000bhp.

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It's not only the engines that are set to change. Teams are keen to make their racers look cool again, with much of the discussion revolving around wider cars, with fat tyres more like those seen in Senna's era.

Ferrari are particularly keen on the changes. You may remember the Scuderia revealing their render of a potential future Formula One car back in February, a slightly melty concept that looked like something out of an Italian sci-fi movie.

Now Andries Van Overbeeke - a freelance Dutch designer - has revealed his vision of a 2017 Red Bull F1 car. Just look at those lines. And then imagine a couple of dozen of these beauties lined up on the Silverstone grid.

Overbeeke's wide, fat-tyred concept also features one Max Verstappen at the wheel, the Dutch teenager who has already been mixing it brilliantly with F1's more experienced racers.

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Just think, Max will be at the ripe old age of 19 when F1's 2017 evolution is revealed to the world...

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