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  1. “It’s the second oldest race in America, and I’m stoked that it takes place right here in Colorado. And tonight, it’s mayhem - it takes me an hour and a half to get here, but man, it’s worth it.”

  2. “It’s a really cool to bring so many people together, and the race brings a lot to the community. After the fires here, where 38,000 people were evacuated from the local area, it’s great to have something positive and unique take place.”

  3. “I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for six years, but I’ve never been up to the top [of Pikes Peak] and never seen the race, even though it’s the biggest thing in town. I was evacuated for three days because of the fires, so I thought I should come down here and check it out.”

  4. “The hill climb is bad ass - picture a controlled riot with cars, dirt bikes and trucks that you can enjoy without fear of an uprising.”

  5. “It’s a virtuous race that was established by local people who wanted to compete just for the fun of it. It’s everyone’s race and an inspiration to the local community.”

  6. “I love it - people risk their lives to race up a mountain. Yeah, we miss the dirt a bit, but the paved road means all sorts of new cars can come and compete. And we still get all the unusual vehicles racing, like the semi trucks.”

  7. “Now everything’s paved it’s a little easier, and it will be a different race. I also think it’s good to support new technologies with the electric cars - it secures the event’s future.”

  8. “It’s cool for a small town like Colorado Springs to be hosting an international event, especially one with fast cars. It’s great to watch and it brings everyone together.”

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