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  1. That’s how many Euros it’ll cost you to buy this Dacia time attack racer. It’s currently for sale and ready to compete in the Unlimited division, though we reckon the owner will take a discount after its shunt on Sunday… A little different from the Dacias James is so fond of, no?

  2. That’s the world record up the hill, as set this weekend by Rhys Millen in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

  3. This Cadillac’s the oldest car competing in the race - it was built back in 1949 and is 63 years old. But things have changed for it since it rolled off the production line. After its builder sunk $250,000 into, it runs an LS9 GM V8 from a Corvette ZR1, full tubular spaceframe chassis, custom suspension and slick tyres. Not one for the classic car purists, then…

  4. That’s how much torque this Freightliner produces in lb ft, making it the most powerful vehicle to compete in the race. It’s also the only one that runs on diesel. And the only one that’s a great big lorry.

  5. Despite Ford only ever building 200 RS200s, two of them have made it to Pikes Peak. They’re both running custom aero and they’re both from Blighty.

  6. That’s how many Atomic Fireball gobstoppers Monster Tajima’s team has got through so far. After extensive research, we can report that the cinnamon flavoured spheres of super-condensed evil are utterly revolting.

  7. 15 sets of four custom Falken tyres were built specifically for Monster Tajima’s ill-fated EV. The company doesn’t build a specific race tyre, so it’s taken a road car tread pattern (from a Ziex S/T 201, fact fans) and manufactured it using a different, softer compound.

  8. That’s how many degrees celcius Monster’s tyres were heated before the start line. The team uses F1-style blankets to warm the softer compound through so it’s super-sticky for the all-tarmac hill climb.

  9. Aside from a faint ethereal whistle, EVs don’t make any noise when they run, but safety regulations stipulate that must produce some sound to warn people they’re coming. Monster’s E-Runner has five speakers fitted (including a carbon-fibre sub) and for the brief time he had on the hill, he played the engine noise from last year’s very noisy, very petrol-powered Suzuki SX4.

  10. There are ten Go-Pro cameras fitted to Monster’s E-Runner. On a normal run, they’ll capture around 500 gig of footage. Though this year they didn’t get very much…

  11. Providing nobody crashes, that’s how many seconds the race marshals leave between cars going up the hill. Not much, is it?

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