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Travis Pastrana has recreated Evel Knievel's most famous stunts

And you can watch them all here. It's a red, white and blue extravaganza

Published: 09 Jul 2018

It’s not only Porsche taking age-old records and tearing them in two. Travis Pastrana has channelled his inner Evel Knievel – and outer Evel Knievel, judging by the outfit – and bettered three of the infamous stunt star’s records.

All three took place over the course of a few hours in Las Vegas, Pastrana rattling through them with almost ruthless efficiency. First up, a 143-foot jump over 52 cars, beating Knievel’s 50 cars. That’s the first video above.

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Next, a 192-foot, 16-bus jump to beat Knievel’s 13 buses, albeit one he never successfully completed. It’s second in our click-through videos above.

And then there’s the finale, a replication of perhaps Knievel’s most infamous stunt, jumping the fountain at Caesars Palace. While that 1967 attempt ultimately ended up in Knievel being thrown from his bike, it raised his profile like nothing else. Pastrana completed the 149-foot leap with little fuss; he did it so quickly, the red, white and blue pyrotechnics didn’t properly trigger, and had to be shown separately as a celebratory display.

In the age of social media and millions of eyes being on live events like this, it was surely health’n’safety-ed to the max. And understandably so. Pastrana joked that the hardest part of it all had been squeezing into the Knievel costume. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a Star-Spangled Banner extravaganza that makes it impossible not to hum *that* song from Team America as the videos above play…

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