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Video: watch this record-breaking rally jump

Eyvind Brynildsen sends his R5 Fiesta flying in honour of Colin McRae

If the Institute of Advanced Motorists – the omnipresent doyen of driving – is to be believed, in snowy conditions you should exercise maximum caution.

Their literature states that “you must use a high gear, keep speeds ‘sensible’ enough to not risk losing control, but not so slow that you risk losing momentum, and only travel in times of emergency”.

At last weekend’s Rally Sweden, WRC 2 driver Eyvind Brynildsen followed precisely none of these instructions.

The up-and-coming Norwegian rallyist decided the adequate speed for a snowy Swedish forest track was flat in fifth and about 103 mph. That’s before hitting a giant crest in the road.

When he did eventually hit the jump, he flew for 45 metres (enough to clear a pitch full of footballists) before coming back to earth with a bang to claim the coverted ‘Colin’s Crest’ award.

It’s a trophy named in honour of the late, great Colin McRae, and given to the driver who flies the furthest over a hefty hump on the SS16 Vargåsen stage.

Even being in an underpowered junior division Ford Fiesta R5, Brynildsen snatched the crown from previous hangtime king Thierry Neuville. Showing the WRC big boys how to get it done.

As you can see in the video above, the Scandi spectators with their reindeer sandwiches and video cameras appreciated his effort. And we have to give it to him, the kid’s got skills.

“I heard that Thierry didn’t believe that the Fiesta R5 could go that fast, but he can join me for a ride if he is unsure!” said Brynildsen.

“We had a perfect combination of corners before the crest and I knew that we had quite a lot of speed. I decided before the stage that if everything went to plan then I would try to break the record. I just put my right foot on the pedal and held it down. No drama!”

The Colin’s Crest award has been presented annually since 2008 with previous winners including Ken Block in 2011, Andreas Mikkelsen and Thierry Neuville.

But if a lower league R5 rally car can jump 45 metres, surely a full-blown WRC car can do 46 metres, right?

So men of the WRC, you know what to do next year. You don’t want this little scamp showing you up, do you?

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