This is the VW Snowareg

Well, this is a bit awesome - instead of relying on helicopters to get between stages at the World Rally Championships’ Rally Sweden leg, VW’s thrown together a 4.2-liter TDI V8-powered Touareg snowmobile.

Unfortunately, despite producing 340bhp and 590lb ft, the Snowareg’s 18-inch wide Mattrack shoes mean it’s limited to 40mph. But the tracks are pretty nifty - you just remove your wheels, bolt the tracks on, then go and get piste. They’ll also work on mud, sand, swamps, bogs, and, usefully, roads.

Thing is, we’re now facing a bit of a conundrum. As well as most of this stuff, which of the two would we have in our winter garage - this, or Kenny from the Blok’s RaptorTRAX? Help us decide in the comments section below…