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We can’t stop looking at the wing on this racing NSX

Modified Acura will race at Pikes Peak, and looks quite astonishing

This is a Honda NSX. No, scratch that, it’s an Acura NSX, which is basically a Honda NSX with an Acura badge. And it intends to contest the Time Attack 1 class at this year’s Pikes Peak hillclimb.

Which means it needs to be fast and pointy and… oh heck, forget all that, just look at the wing. It’s massive. We’ve decided: it’s not an Acura NSX, it’s a wing with an NSX attached to it.

Acura hasn’t specified exactly what type of aeroplane they stole the wing from, but we suspect it’s a big ‘un. All they do say is that the NSX “has been lightened, and aero elements have been added including a bigger wing and front splitter”. Yeah, it’s big alright.

No word on power, but we do know Acura have “taken learnings” from last year’s Pikes Peak run – where an all-electric, quad motor chassis with an NSX bodyshell raced up the mountain – along with ideas taken from the rear-drive only, NSX GT3 racer.

This one isn’t a rear-drive only model, as we’re assured ‘R-compound’ tyres have been fitted to the supercar, to assist the all-wheel-drive system. So it’s closer to production spec than any of those other racers.

It also gets a software revamp to optimise the 3.5-litre V6 – no power figure has been specified – but really, that wing is all you really need to care about. Just bask in its magnificence. James Robinson – a Pikes Peak veteran and Honda North America’s R&D development guy – will be the man attempting to fly up the mountain soon.

We await his flight trajectory with glee. Also, gold wheels. Just sayin’.

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