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Welcome to Britain’s greatest car club

  1. Goodwood Road Racing Club is not like other car clubs. None of the members have adenoids. Or wear Rowan trousers. Or start their sentences with “I think you’ll find…”

    The members do, however, have names like Sir Stirling Moss, Chris Evans and Chris Hoy. The cars aren’t bad either - on the GRRC roster are more than 400 of the most iconic, brutal, and revered classic racers known to lunacy, from ex-Senna Lotuses to Metro 6R4 rally nutters and pristine, period-perfect original Mini Coopers.

    As your keen sense of intuition will have gathered, when this club gets together, it’s something worth watching. Which is precisely what happened last weekend at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

    But why haven’t you heard about it before? Because the last time the Goodwood Members Club met officially was, er, July 2, 1966… Which is why Lord March thought it’d be a good idea to get the old band back together.

    He says: “The sensational selection of cars and drivers we have at this new event is just about the most diverse we’ve seen at Goodwood Motor Circuit, from some of the most beautiful 1960s sportscars ever designed to the quite incredible noise of the turbo Formula 1 machines.”

    Top Gear isn’t a member of the Goodwood Members Club, but managed to sneak past security to grab you some pretty photos of some of the most significant cars in history. Now click on for our gallery and tell us what you’d drive home.

  2. The stunning Porsche 956 Le Mans Prototype.

  3. Oh my. It’s the 7.0-litre V12-powered Jaguar XJR-9.

  4. This Italiya Sports Porsche 962 was raced by John Watson to 11th place in the 1990 Le Mans 24 hour. Yes, it’s pink. No, we don’t care.  

  5. Porsches like this Rothmans 956 used to race at the Nurburgring. We find this terrifying.

  6. The Porsche 917, replete with a flat 12 engine. Flat 12…

  7. Fun fact: the profoundly odd-looking Renault Alpine A442 actually won Le Mans in 1978. 

  8. This Haas Lola Formula One racer prepares for action.

  9. Not the supreme leader of villainous robotic faction, the Decepticons, rather BMW’s most successful racing engine ever. Only four cylinders too…

  10. But if Megatron did go racing…

  11. This was the Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 98T F1 car…

  12. Getting closer to God.

  13. This Lotus Elite has a surprisingly young pit crew. 

  14. It’s the Group B Peugeot 205 T16! Please let us drive it immediately. 

  15. And an Audi Quattro S1 racer. We would like to this immediately as well.

  16. The third car we would like to drive immediately - the MG Metro 6R4.  

  17. This sign fails to account for the Top Gear gland, a small node in the frontal lobe that actively encourages us to play with fire*

    *never play with fire. Ever. 

  18. The Grover-Williams Trophy was the world’s largest Bugatti-only race. And not a Veyron in site.

  19. As Lord March so pleasingly insists, members are encouraged to give their race cars a damn good drubbing. Even if they happen to be a turbocharged McLaren MP4/2 F1 car.

  20. This is the Group B MG Metro 6R4. Dodgy panel gaps, propensity to explode - just like the road car, then.

  21. Most expensive sidewaysness… in the world?

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