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You can buy Colin McRae’s mad Metro 6R4

Get your bank manager on speed dial as a rally legend’s slice of Group B is up for auction

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eBay is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of weird and wonderful possessions. Pretty much anything is yours if your price is right; even a corn flake shaped like Illinois… or a suit of armour for a guinea pig. But today, we bring you a listing that’s a genuine double dose of ‘Legendary’: a mad MG Metro 6R4 once owned by none other than the late, great Colin McRae.

For 350,000 of your hard-earned English pounds, you can have one of Group B’s most boxy – and crazy – icons. 6 stands for the number of cylinders, R for rear-engined and 4 for four-wheel drive. All you need to know is it’s probably the hottest of hot hatches. Inferno levels of hot, actually. 

This one is in full rally trim, so has over 400bhp. The Metro is rare in being one of few such cars of the era that did not use turbocharging for added oomph. 

Instead of the original car’s gently pathetic A-series engine, a 3.0-litre 90-degree V6 was slotted in where the rear passengers are meant to go. It also features twin-cam heads modelled on Cosworth’s Formula F1 DFV V8 engine, and boasted a kerb weight of just 1,000kg. Plus, with a trick four-wheel drive system it makes for a shocking, frightening, and ultimately exhilarating ride for the handiest of handy drivers. 

Like McRae. He was the youngest world rally champion when he won the title in 1995, at the age of 27 – a record that still stands. And even though he’s not the most decorated champion, his iconic style had people gripped to the WRC for years. It was after his rallying career that he bought the Metro. Take a look at Colin in it to showcase how good he really was.

Colin used it for Course Car duties during the 1998 Colin McRae Stages, but it caught fire whilst he was working on it in his garage. It’s since been rebuilt and is now fully road registered and up for sale. 

So, anyone fancy it? We’re told if you have another Group B rally car or an old F1 car, the owner is willing to do swapsies. 

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