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Your choices for the next Bond car

  1. Last week we asked you, the loyal collegiate, to voice your suggestions as to what James Bond should drive in next year’s 007 flick Skyfall.

    And you responded in droves. We’ve sifted through your digital submissions and put together a list of ten cars that the world’s pluckiest British Secret Service agent should pilot. And probably destroy. Many times over (pity the Aston DBS).

    Without further ado, these are your top ten.

    (Should you be frothing at the mouth in utter disagreement, you can add your contribution here)

  2. Aston’s flagship car normally gets reserved for Bond, and since the One-77 is now available, surely it’s the perfect fit?

    Erm, perhaps. Don’t forget, when making action films, cars tend to blow-up, crash, or accidentally fall into lakes. And with the One-77 costing over a million quid each, the entire film budget would be spent purely on cars. Not ideal.

  3. McLaren likes tech, James Bond likes tech. A most perfect pairing.

    And you never know, Q might even turn the MP4-12C into an actual fax machine for covert missions.

  4. As the epitome of a sturdy British gent, Bond’s wheels need to reflect our national virtues. Brash, British and cool this Morgan is surely the only car for the job. Imagine, Bond in driving goggles!

  5. A Mercedes has never been the lead car in a film. With a phallic bonnet, burbling V8 and gullwing doors, the SLS AMG wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

  6. The last time a Jaguar got screen-time in a Bond flick was when the baddies had one in Die Another Day. That XKR was equipped with a Gatling gun, missiles in the front grille, concealed door-mounted rocket launchers and a rack of mortar bombs in the boot.

    All you need to know is that the CX-75 is powered by JETS as standard. Q would have a field day.

  7. Assuming that the One-77 is too expensive and possibly completely sold out, this is the next best thing. With only 150 being made, and fitted with Aston’s glorious V12, the Zagato styling would also work well in a casino car park.

  8. In the original Bond novels, the car of choice was always a Bentley. And a Bentley Mark IV also made a fleeting appearance in From Russia With Love. Thus, a Continental SuperSports Ice Speed Record Convertible would make a welcome return for Bentley.

  9. A German Bond car? You’ll doubtless forget 007 has had a line of BMWs in the past, but never the Bavarian super saloon. The sleeper looks may well be useful…

  10. Lotus is currently undergoing somewhat of a revolution, and what better way to promote them than a starring role in a Bond film? The Esprit would be the obvious choice, as well as a perfect homage to the submersible Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me.

  11. How about Bond in an Italian car? Would that ever work? We’re not sure, but the car to go for would be the subliminally noisy yet luxurious Quattroporte Sport GT S. Crucially, plenty of room in the back for crates of Martini.

What do you think?

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