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Nissan Juke-R: first pic of finished car

  1. This is it. This is the first image of the real-life Nissan Juke-R; that Frankenstein pairing of dowdy crossover and ballistic supercar. And it’s been coloured in the hue of that deceptive, treacherous and stabby shape-shifting antagonist of Terminator 2. You have been warned.

    Revealed in Spain as a ‘surprise guest’, the Juke-R is a special project that sees the 480bhp engine and four-wheel-drive system from the old GT-R transplanted into a Juke. Naturally, the Juke’s internals have been scythed out, replaced with the GT-R’s many dials of measurement.

    No performance details have been released, but you don’t need a PhD in physics estimate it will be riotously fast.

    Click through for more details - and pictures of the build…

  2. So, what was your first reaction when you got wind of a ‘seriously sporty’ Nissan Juke? If it was a babbling, squealing, high-pitched ‘BUILD IT NOW’, then you should tell Nissan immediately. Tell Nissan right now, because what you see above is the most potent Juke ever built.

    We first brought you news on this ‘Super Juke’ last month, and Nissan has confirmed that two ‘Juke-R’ models are being built in conjunction with RML, one left-hand drive, and the other right-hand drive. Both will be fully-road legal and will feature the engine lifted straight out of its supercar sibling: a twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V6 producing 480bhp and many torques.

  3. It also gets the GT-R’s six-speed transaxle, with the front and rear ends joined together via a modified GT-R four-wheel-drive driveline and prop-shaft. No performance figures have been released, but first tests will commence in November. Consider that drivetrain can propel a 1700kg GT-R to 62mph in three seconds. Consider the standard Juke weighs around 1250kg.

    The dashboard has been changed too, to host the GT-R’s gauges, dials and 7in customisable LCD display, telling you many important things like levels of ‘G’ and the exact position of your morning Shreddies in your lower intestine.

    There are twin race seats. There are five point harnesses. There are massive 20in Rays forged alloy wheels. There is a roll cage. There is madness.

  4. Nissan’s Paul Wilcox said the Juke-R “showcases two of the most exciting cars in our range and highlights the technical innovation that drives Nissan”.

    Exciting? Yes. But here’s the important bit: Nissan is building the two Juke-Rs to test public reaction to a harder, sportier Juke. And RML has previously built works-backed motorsport cars for Nissan, including a Le Mans prototype and BTCC Primeras. Could this ‘R’ preview a WRC Juke, as well as a hot road-going model?

  5. With those flared arches and those stupendous rear wings and some extended side skirts and that ruddy big grille, it certainly packs a visual punch. You wouldn’t spill its pint, would you?

  6. And the tried and tested ‘massive-engine-in-a-small-car’ formula has worked wonders in the past. We suspect the Juke-R will be capable of lightly astonishing feats of acceleration.

  7. After all, the GT-R’s acceleration is other worldly. Remind yourself of the time James tested the big Nissan’s launch control function, below. He rather liked it.

    Video: James and the GT-R

    Click through for more pictures from the build…

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