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Change Our Mind #1: all sports cars should be painted green

Red Ferrari and orange McLarens: zzzzz. Dare you argue with a TG writer?

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A quick challenge for you: name a new-ish sports car that doesn’t work in green.

Hah! You can’t, can you? You’ve immediately defaulted to ‘Ferraris are designed in red’, but you can’t deny even the state-of-the-art SF90 Stradale would look sublime in Verde Pino.

A dark-green GTC4 Lusso with tan leather? Nurse! And lest we forget, Jay Kay’s Kermit-skinned LaFerrari was a memorable corker. Verde British could even make us lust after a Portofino. Just.

Porsche? Even the company itself decided the millionth 911 built should be green. Case closed. ‘Mr 918 Spyder’ himself Frank-Stefan Walliser chose green paintwork for his personal 911 R. Case double-closed.

Lambo and McLaren have always done a nice line in oranges or yellow, but green – whether a lurid highlighter shade or a classy darker hue – is the thinking supercar buyers’ choice. It’s somehow less ‘look-at-me’, more ‘admire this in reverence’.

Bugatti and Pagani will tint your clear-coat carbon any colour you choose. Green is under-used and therefore rare and cooler than same-again black. Works all the way down the spectrum, too. An Alpine A110 in a verdant shade, or a Lotus Elise in British racing green? Impossible to fault. Jaguar F-Type, Aston DBS, Maserati GT… the list of green goddesses goes on.

We have spoken. Feel free to agree wholeheartedly in the comments below. Or… dare you attempt to change our mind?

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