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Horrible electric cars - Paris motor show news - 2008

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Wow, there are a lot of hideous electric cars on the
various stands here in Paris.

Proving that its not just us Brits who get horrible
little electric things that you’d never want to drive, around just about every
corner is another tiny manufacturer - and we use the word in its loosest sense
- with a couple of rubbishy, tacky electric cars adorning its show stand.

We’ve rounded up a few in the pictures on the side
here. To be honest, we couldn’t tell you what they’re called. Or who makes
them. Or exactly how many miles they’ll manage before you have to knock on the
door of a stranger and ask if they’d mind terribly if you could run an
extension cord out of their window to charge your car.

This is because we really don’t care. In truth, some
of them may not even be electric. But they probably are. They look electric.
And yes, we know - hidden somewhere amongst them may be an undiscovered gem, a
car that’ll transform the future of motoring and mean that we can drive to our
hearts’ content for the next few decades while producing nothing more harmful
than fresh air and smiles on the faces of children. But we doubt it.

Anyhow. Have a look through them. And laugh. And be
glad that you don’t own one.

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