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Photo of the day: the greatest trackday paddock ever?

F50s, F40s, P1s and more: has a better bunch of cars been on track together?

Last week we showed you lorry loads of exceptional supercars being dropped off at Fuji for the Bingo Sports trackday.

It looked like it was going to be fun, but nothing quite prepared us for Bingo’s update afterwards. This, boys and girls, is the paddock from that glorious day.

When a McLaren P1 and Lexus LFA are blending into a bunch of cars, you know that bunch is really rather epic. And the best bit? “Our rare and famous cars were not only exhibited but also driven,” reads the caption.

Yep. The priceless F40 LM, Miura Jota, and Porsche 962 road car - all currently on sale at Bingo Sports, don’t forget - screamed their way around Fuji. We can’t possibly describe how much we wish we’d been there.

We want to know which you’d most like to have taken round. But as it’s Christmas, we’re not going to be so cruel as to force you to whittle it down to just one.

So, you can have THREE of Bingo’s exquisite cars for a hare round Fuji. Tell us which below…

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