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Porsche Cayenne 'Coupe' revealed

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Unlike, say, the existence of Jedward, the existence of the Porsche Cayenne is a good thing. A very good thing indeed, actually. 

Before you throw up onto your special 1977 Porsche 936 commemoration jacket, hear us out. Lots of wealthy people buy Cayennes. Cayennes are monstrously expensive. Porsche rakes in wealthy people’s money and ploughs it straight into its 911 range. We smile. 

It’s a good formula, and one which works well for everyone. But tuning company Merdad wants to make the Cayenne actually appealing. A concept as foreign to us as ‘singing-in-tune’ is to aforementioned super-coiffed brotherly comedy double. 

They have decided to remove the rear doors of the Cayenne to create the first Porsche coupe-SUV. It’s something Land Rover is currently trying out with the Evoque, so they’re at least hitting the ‘zeitgeist’ spot. 

The Evoque certainly split opinion in the TG office, but we are pretty sure with the Merdad Cayenne, most of you will converge on the side of ‘get-it-out-of-my-sight’. 

It’ll hit the MPH show in November, alongside the, ahem, TOP GEAR TELLY BOYS! We’ll bring you more details a) if we can be bothered, and b) if it’s a REALLY slow news day. 

But for now, chew on these two questions. First, do you like it, and second, are two-door SUVs a good thing?

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