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911 GT1, CLK GT-R or F1 GTR? TG readers have crowned a victor

A clear favourite emerges from three of the Nineties' most recognisable and astonishing race cars

Published: 15 Mar 2024

Three super rare racers from the mid-late Nineties were pitted against each other during the latest Question of the Week round. And duly, our readers responded in numbers, with the McLaren taking victory by some stretch.

Teabag Towers said: “The F1 was a road car first that went racing and won Le Mans in 1995, whereas the other two were purpose built race cars that only have road versions because of homologation rules. It makes the F1 all the more impressive, that and the F1 still holds the speed record for fastest N/A car. Let's not forget Mercedes bought an F1 car and cut it up to act as a test mule for the CLK GTR.”

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Further support for the Brit came from Cam: “It has to be the F1 GTR. It's a smaller company with a single vision, born from a road car, that had the guts to race against the goliaths of motorsport, and won. Handily. If it wasn't for the F1 GTR, the other two would likely have never been built. Also, it's pretty. I'll have mine in metallic charcoal with a butterscotch interior please.”

Senzubeansoup added: “Of the three, the McLaren is the purest expression of the ultimate road car, and upon its release represented the biggest paradigm shift in terms of what we thought a road car was capable of - including that bonkers top speed which reigned supreme for over a decade. It has also aged beautifully, once again demonstrating that quite often, less is more.”

Though, that’s not to say there weren’t any interesting arguments for the other two. Dan, for instance, said: “Even though all three are basically perfect, I think the Porsche takes the title as the best road-going ‘90s Endurance racer because it is part Porsche 962 part 911. Which makes it the ultimate mix of race car and road car.”

Mr T Bird also provided food for thought with the Merc: “The CLK GTR has to be my pick - the 911 a close second. The F1 is cool but never really did it for me. Sure it was the fastest and groundbreaking, but the other two have more mystery around them.”

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The next question will arrive on Monday. We’ll see you in the comments section.

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