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Random video: 70s rocket-powered insanity

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Having rediscovered the joys of the RSI-inducing
Rocket Robin game
on our own site last Friday, talk on turned to
the most ambitiously rubbish car-based stunt ever pulled using rocket-propulsion.

Obviously our own attempt at Reliant-based space
featured highly. And then someone remembered this.

In the early 1970s, when such things were positively encouraged, American (not Canadian, apologies - Ed) daredevil/idiot Kenny Powers was nominated as driver for a cunning plan.

It involved him driving/flying a rocket-powered Lincoln Continental - with
wings - off a massive ramp and over the mile-wide St. Lawrence River on the
border between Canada and New York State. It cost an estimated $5.5 million in today’s
money. And it didn’t go well…

There’s actually a fascinating tale behind all this - check out the documentary The Devil At Your Heels for the full story.

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