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One lightly-Stigged Lambo LM002, yours for £285k

The actual LM002 lapped by Stig on telly in 2003, now fully restored, is up for grabs

If you hate the modern trend for cramming unfeasibly large engines into-unsuitably high bodies, resulting in the middle-fingers-to-the-planet that are super-SUVs, this is the car you should blame. The Lamborghini LM002, aka the Rambo Lambo, is the original bad idea - squeezing a supercar engine into a utility vehicle. And this was no torquey twin-turbo V8 either, it received the high-revving 450bhp V12 from the Countach, and a 290-litre fuel tank to ensure every fill-up is a financially crippling experience.

Want to know the full story of how a rear-engined military prototype ended up as the world’s most absurd road car? Eager to find out what a three-tonne brick with a highly-strung heart is like to drive? Good news! You can relive that time we were let loose in one in a disused quarry here. You can even watch a video of us getting sideways in one here.

Still with us? Good, because if your pockets are sufficiently deep and your taste sufficiently impaired, then one of the best remaining examples on the road (number 40 from a 301 car run) is up for sale. And it’s not any old LM002 either, this one’s got history – the exact car abused by The Stig in episode 4 of Series 3 way back in November 2003.

Stig’s mechanical sympathy isn’t exactly famous, so normally this would be a very bad thing, but the good folk at Bell Sport and Classic have given the car a full nut and bolt restoration after a previous company had to abandon the project, and subsequently went into administration.

But don’t let that put you off! The car has been personally vetted and given a certificate of authenticity by legendary Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni. The man in charge of the car’s resurrection, Attilio Romano, has quite the CV, too. An ex-Ferrari factory technician, he’s looked after all Ferrari and Lamborghini models for HR Owen on and off since 1994. He’s also the first UK certified technician to work on the Bugatti Veyron (and was factory trained on the EB110 too) and is qualified to work on the LaFerrari too. Handy with the spanners then.

Right, enough chit chat, click through the gallery above and have a good stare at its Lego design and immaculate interior, then tell us. Worth a punt?

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