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Praise be: Lancias are being made great again

FCA is remaking Delta Integrale bumpers. No excuse to not drive them, people

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‘Make Lancia great again.’ It’s an online movement that recognises both the rich quality and intrigue of Lancia’s illustrious back catalogue, and the crying shame that is its most recent range, some of which was rebadged Chryslers. Ugh.

Well, it seems Fiat Chrysler itself has listened, and is making some Lancias great again. It’s not rethought the Integrale as a modern-day, four-wheel-drive Merc A45 AMG rival – alas – but it is remaking the bumpers of the old SuperDelta so that existing owners can rejuvenate their car. Or suddenly start driving it with more of the commitment it deserves without fear of rendering the thing useless with even the smallest of prangs.

The video above takes us through a little of the process and does two things. Firstly, it makes our nerd glands tingle with delight. And secondly – given it’s subtitled – it proves just how flipping cool and exotic even the geekiest of things sound when spoken about in Italian. Just listen to how Stefano Brandi says ‘Mopar’. Some days (most days) we really, really want to be Italian…

There’s also achingly cool period footage of Integrales being Integrales, and the shocking revelation that FCA Heritage uses Comic Sans on its official forms. Yikes.

Oh, and we also learn that Evoluzione versions (pictured above in Martini colours) have bumpers made out of Xenoy while regular Integrales (in red) use Pocan. What do you mean you haven’t heard of Xenoy and Pocan?

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