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Restomod of the week: Alfaholics GTA-R

These things are so good, even Gordon Murray has one

  • What is it?

    A very, VERY special 1967 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior extensively fettled and finessed by a British company called Alfaholics. You want one – click through the gallery to see why. 

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  • Who builds it?

    Based near Bristol in the UK, Alfaholics is without doubt the world’s leading 105-Series Alfa Romeo specialist. Founded by a chap called Richard Banks and now run by his two sons, Max and Andrew, a massive part of its business is producing, selling and distributing a huge variety of parts for old Alfas. Not just the kind of bits you might need for a full-on restoration, but also motorsport-inspired components developed in-house using the family’s experience as successful historic racers.

    Alfaholics does its own period-correct restorations too, of course. If you want your old Alfa restored to an exceptionally high standard, its originality preserved, then Alfaholics is the place to send it. Or you could commission them to build you one of these – a GTA-R. These obsessively detailed builds transform the humble 105-Series Alfa into something quite sublime.

  • What’s been done to it?

    As with the majority of these kinds of cars, the exact spec is up to the incredibly fortunate individual who chooses to commission it. Alfaholics says owners are given the opportunity to “select from a range of options relating to engines, gear ratios, suspension packages & damper valving, power steering, seat styles, upholstery, interior lighting, roll cages, dashboard styles and in car entertainment, to name but a few”.

    Generally the GTA-R is built around the classic Alfa Twin Spark 2.0-litre engine, but bored and stroked to 2.3-litres, with 240bhp and 200lb ft. Nothing is left untouched, from the engine and transmission to the suspension, brakes, bodyshell, exterior panels and interior.

    Lightweighting is the name of the game – this red car is GTA-R 290 spec, meaning it weighs 830kg thanks to its carbon doors, bonnet and bootlid, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 290bhp/tonne. Relatively recently Alfaholics began offering an entirely carbon body – so equipped, the GTA weighs less than 800kg and has a power-to-weight ratio of 300bhp/tonne. It’s called the GTA-R 300, obvs.

    Click on these blue words to see the exact specs of every GTA-R Alfaholics has finished to-date.

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  • How many are being built?

    The GTA-R is an exceptionally rare thing. As of right now, Alfaholics has built 23 GTA-Rs. There are five more currently in production, and the company is sitting on orders for “lots more”. Each one takes around 3,000 hours to finish.

  • Is it fast?

    Not “blink and you’ll miss it” fast, because straight-line speed really isn’t the point of this thing. Quick? Absolutely, but it’s performance you can actually use on a B-road without getting into trouble. Think 0-60mph in about five seconds. GTA-Rs are about feedback – they’re supposed to be approachable and playful, with all the character of the original. And they deliver in spades.

  • How much does it cost?

    From around £240,000, but the sky really is the limit. If you can’t stretch to that kind of coin, Alfaholics’ parts are available off-the shelf on its website, so you can pick and choose components for your own build.

  • Why should I care about it?

    Because it’s brilliant. Click on these words to let Mr Chris Harris explain…

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  • Can you tell me one interesting fact about it?

    A couple of years back none other than Gordon Murray, who knows a thing or two about cars, commissioned Alfaholics to GTA-R his old Alfa Junior Zagato. Alfaholics obliged, of course  – click right here to see what they came up with. 

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