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This is what a modern-day Porsche 911 GT1 *could* look like

Unofficial, mighty renders illustrate a retro direction for Porsche's next Le Mans racer to take

Published: 21 Oct 2021

We already know that Porsche is returning to Le Mans in 2023. What we don’t yet know is quite what form the car will take. Imagine if it was this?

It’s imperative to point out this reimagining of the mighty 911 GT1 racecar of the Nineties is wholly unofficial. It’s the work of Jordan Rubinstein-Towler, who also brought us a reimagining of the Honda Integra Type-R recently.

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There isn’t a spec to accompany his 911, Jordan simply saying “I designed the car to fit within Le Mans Hypercar dimensions, and I'd imagine the car would be powered by a twin-turbo flat-six like the previous GT1s".

Like those original GT1s (illustrated below) it takes choice 911 road car hallmarks – the contemporary front and rear lights, mainly – and fits them to a bespoke, elongated body better suited to 24 punishing hours of racing.

Thus Jordan has stuck 992-gen details upon a car that looks a lot like recent LMP1 prototype racers, such as Porsche’s own 919, albeit with much more voluptuous curves and a slightly stronger whiff of ‘road car’ to its proportions. Not if you look at it dead rear, mind, where that enormous wing steals the show.

Reckon he’s onto something? Should Porsche bring the 911 GT1 back?

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