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More pictures from Sunday's show

  1. Bunga Bunga Stig parades his harem

  2. Bald background man wears illuminated blue fascinator

  3. Nope, that’s wrong. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. That’s wrong That’s wr…

  4. “Repitan despues de mi - uno.”

  5. Jeremy Clarkson on the Alfa 4C: “make it go away.”

  6. Jeremy works on his Emperor Palpatine impression

  7. “Will. I. Am - what does that stand for, then?”

  8. “Have you seen the one with the white teeth? He’s only THIS tall!”

  9. Despite spending much of his lap facing the wrong way, punctuated posts a respectable time

  10. Jeremy makes a bid for the fingerless gloves

  11. “Tre pizze, lasagne, gnocchi - grazi”

  12. Anyone else get a palpable sense of OHMYGOD?

  13. Fast laps at Imola = terrifying

  14. Sit. STAY. Good Lambo…

  15. Blue stuff not coming out of the exhaust. For a change.

  16. Mister Slowly’s grinning McLaren fails the fizz test


  18. McLaren finally finds a taker for its Colossal Granite Roof Spire option

  19. Breathe in…

  20. Lambo flanks some history

  21. Pop ita, lock ita, polka dot ita…

  22. Train envies Lambogirth

  23. And GO GO GO!

  24. WARNING: picture contains high density of want

  25. The boys contemplate life’s big questions - deep pan or stuffed crust?

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