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Some ‘enthusiasts’ have come up with a supermini concept to tempt Saab into actually making one. They have called it ‘Saab 91’. We shall call it ‘ElectricShoe’.

Using entirely scientific methods, we have deduced this collection of enthused Saab types have beards. And adenoid hypertrophy. A quick scan of ElectricShoe’s Facebook page reveals why…

It shall have an operating system. It shall have mobile internet. It shall have - and we love this - “real aeronautical instruments” which “feel and taste aeronautical”, because a supermini is defined not by handling prowess, but the unmistakable seasoning of a static pressure gauge.

See more pics of the Saab 91 supermini concept

The best bit however, is the group’s plans to help Saab become financially solvent. “Saab 91 will provide additional money using online services that will eventually pay the future cars. “

We can only think of one online ‘service’ that has the power to run an entire company. And it’s unprintable.

No word on engines. Or chassis dynamics. Or interior space. But they reckon prices will start from £10,000.

So there you are - get a group of web-types together on a forum and this is the result. Whaddya think?

Vijay Pattni

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