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A small selection from the TG inbox

  1. From Stacey Hanson

    “I guess I’m a little late, though it’s still Halloween in Alaska, so it counts. Someone thought my Pumpkin Stig was so cool they stole it, but at least we got a picture of it first!”

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  2. From Kaptein Knutsen

    “The kids are happily (and thankfully) unaware that they’ve just constructed a Scalextric race track that would make Jezza proud…”

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  3. From Steven Colman

    “My GT-R pumpkin…”

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  4. From Dave Smith

    “I saw this story the other day and had to get in touch. I have a hard time imagining how anyone could out-do this GM F-car-based “F40” that I spotted at a body shop in Orange County, CA. I was told that it’s owned not by an aesthetically-challenged teenaged boy, but by a heavily enhanced cougar who uses it to meet new, er, friends.”

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  5. From Alex J Robertson

    “I’m a UK guy working in South China. On my way to work the other day I spotted a funny looking microcar. The design looks interesting and it’s rather like an egg on wheels. I estimate It was going about 30mph and there were 3 people inside - looked like a mum taking her two children to school.”

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  6. From Ian Manson

    “A few weeks back I was surprised to see James May in stone at the National Portrait Gallery, big hair and all.”

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  7. From Byron Beck

    “While traveling in Cambodia last week, I was shopping in downtown Phnom Phen and was blown away to see Stig pass me while I was riding in a Tuc-Tuc. Pretty sure the lettering on the side spells “Top Gear” in Kamai dialect.”

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  8. From Peter Stockable

    “Just came across James May’s ride here in Cochrane Alberta, Canada. I see he drives a Ford F150 here…”

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  9. From anonymous

    “Oh God…”

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  10. From Randy Jackson

    “I went on the internet and I found this.”

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  11. Andy McLean

    “I came across this beaut in San Francisco last month. Is it delusion or a sense of humour…?”

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