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This is a solid gold Lamborghini Miura

  1. Should your desire for the Lamborghini Miura extend beyond the Hot Wheels rendition, and of course, if you’re moneyed and not, say, ten years old, you can have something unique. Something expensive. Something GOLD.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is a GOLD Lamborghini Miura. Model. It’s been built by an award-winning Swiss designer named Dante - who just happens to be friends with the son of Pablo Picasso - built to declare his love for one of the car world’s most coveted pin-up models. He’s pretty handy at it too, as in an earlier life he knocked out the Aston Martin V8 Vantage ‘shooting brake’.

    You might recognise him from his earlier solid gold sculptures though: he’s previously built a gold model of the Aston Martin DB5 (unveiled by Roger Moore), Mercedes 300SL and even the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO (unveiled by none other than Chris Evans). Now he’s turned his hand to the Lambo, and will produce just one, solid gold, 1:24 scale model of the Miura. The cost? £66,000.

    As with such things, you’re probably already too late to purchase the one-off solid gold Miura, as a gentleman from Indonesia is in talks to purchase this, and the 1:24 scale models of the Aston, Merc and Ferrari too, all in pre-production. However, there are other sizes and scales available, all made from steel and finished in 24-carat gold. You can, should your bank manager - or partner - allow, buy a full-scale model for the bargain price of £990,000.

    There’ll be six other halo supercars that Dante is planning though, so keep your eyes glued to an Internet near you to find out more information when it lands. This one-off Miura, incidentally, will land at the Emirates Palace hotel at the end of October, just before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, for public display, before being whisked away on a chopper made out of GOLD. Probably.

  2. This is not a GOLD Lamborghini Miura. This is a REAL Lamborghini Miura. Just for reference.

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