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Monday 11th December
Speed Week 2023

Formula E’s GenBeta prototype in numbers

Speed Week’s star guest? Formula E’s next-gen racer lab. Here’s the brain dump

Published: 24 Oct 2023

1.5 million (Euros)

That’s the estimated price, in Euros, the GenBeta has cost to put together. And that’s because it’s not just a boggo Formula E car cobbled together from spares with a new livery slapped onto the top. Alongside the changes under the skin, it’s got new aero (3D printed, dontcha know) to make it slipperier, and a softer compound of tyre that heats up quicker. Handy, when you need to break a world record and you haven’t got much space to do it…

346 (metres)

The length of the test track that the GenBeta had at its disposal when it made an attempt on the world speed record for a car… indoors. As you’d expect they didn’t just push the furniture against the wall in the local village hall. No, they used the ExCel exhibition centre in London, which hosts part of the circuit for the annual London e-prix race. Jake Hughes and Lucas di Grassi vied for the record-breaking run, with the Brit coming out on top. How fast, you ask? Well…

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135.9 (mph)

The GenBeta managed to clock a verified maximum of 135.9mph before needing to brake, and avoid punching a Formula E car sized hole in ExCel’s wall (before sploshing into the Thames). Now, 135 miles an hour isn’t a lot for a land speed record beyond the 1910s, but it’s pretty swift with a roof over your helmet. And it blitzed the previous benchmark of 102.65mph which was set in 2021. By a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, since you ask. The original holder of the indoor land speed record was a Labrador hearing The Treat Cupboard opening in the next room.

200 (mph)

The top speed a Gen3 Formula E car could theoretically reach given enough space, though the tight city circuits it races around mean it won’t see the double-tonne in regular competition. Joker race at Monza, anyone?

400 (kW, aka 536bhp)

That’s how much power the GenBeta is kicking out – around 100bhp more than a Gen3 car in race spec. That’s because the front motor, which usually only acts as a re-gen harvester, has been brought online to add more power, making this the first four-wheel drive Formula E car. Handy for getting off the line when you’ve only got 300-odd metres of track, that.

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