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Sportscar of the Year: BMW M135i vs Porsche Boxster

The term ‘sportscar’ covers a hell of a lot of bases, but generally - in Top Gear world at least - it just means fast and fun, and heavy on the driver-enjoyment. But this year, two cars caused a ruckus in the TG Office, with a split vote on which should walk away with the title. In one corner, we had the new Porsche Boxster, a two-seat, naturally aspirated roadster so consummately sportscar in its attitude that it looked like a shoe-in. In the other corner, we have the BMW M135i. A hatchback with a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six. Which isn’t, technically, even in the correct category. But this is TopGear. And it being TG, there really was only one way to settle the showdown and find the Award winner. Both cars, on road and track, and invite the Thing in White to officiate.

It cost many tyres and quite a lot of fuel. But eventually we found the car that most universally represents what it means to be Top Gear’s Sportscar of the Year. You’ll just have to read the full story in the Awards issue of TG magazine to find out which one won…

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