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The ten fastest cars around the TG track

  1. Some say that the Nurburgring is the irrefutable yardstick by which to measure a cars performance. They are wrong. Anyone who knows anything about cars (or has watched Dave) will be familiar with a 1.75-mile long track, designed by Lotus and painted onto an old runway just outside Guildford, Surrey.

    This is the irrefutable yardstick by which to measure a car’s performance, especially when in the hands of a tame racing driver in a white suit.

    We’ve had a total of 220 power laps, but here are the fastest ten. Click through to watch our unique take on the fastest cars to ever grace our glamorous home…

  2. Caterham R500 in 1.17.9 secs

    Stig was reportedly a big fan of the R500. Maybe it’s the colour…

    Watch Stig tangle with the Big Cat on Top Gear

  3. Pagani Zonda F Roadster in 1.17.7 secs

    When Stig hooned the finest from Pagani and Bugatti round the track, there was only one winner. And it was, perhaps, a surprising result…

    Watch the clash of the top speed titans on Top Gear here

  4. Noble M600 in 1.17.7 secs

    It’s built by some blokes in a Leicestershire shed. It has a Volvo engine. And it’s utterly brilliant.

    Watch JC thrash the no-holds-barred new Noble then hand it over to our tame racing driver on Top Gear

  5. Koenigsegg CCX (with Top Gear Wing) in 1:17.6 secs

    The Stig come unstuck for the first time ever on the TG track thanks to this Swedish brute, sticking the preposterously powerful CCX into the tyre wall. Happily, Top Gear then fixed it and made an amazingly quick car. Thank us later, Mr ‘segg.

    Watch the Stig versus The ‘Segg on Top Gear here

  6. Ascari A10 in 1.17.3 secs

    According to Clarkson, “the Ascari is like the Koenigsegg but much more manageable”. In the hands of Stig, it’s faster too.

    Watch Hammond test the A10’s predecessor all the way back in series 7 on Top Gear

  7. Gumpert Apollo in 1.17.1 secs

    Richard spent a fair amount of time trying to justify the Gumpert Apollo’s ugly-as-sin looks, then realised it was blisteringly quick around our track. We’ll forgive it then, right?

    Watch the borderline boiler Gumpert attacking the TG track here

  8. Bugatti Veyron SS in 1.16.8 secs

    For one brief moment, Captain Slow was once the fastest production car driver in the entire world. And nation gasped as Slow was Slow no more, thanks to the ultimate version of the Bugatti Veyron: the 1,183bhp SuperSport

    Watch as James breaks records in the Bugatti Veyron SS on Top Gear

  9. Lamborghini Aventador in 1.16.5 secs

    When the mighty Aventador hit the Top Gear test track, Richard was only too happy to help.

    Watch Richard’s ode to the newest big Lambo on Top Gear here

  10. McLaren MP4-12C in 1.16.2 secs

    Another reason why the Top Gear test track is better than the Nurburgring? Because McLaren decided to develop their supercar there. The fax machine-named supercar is pretty fast round there too…

    Watch the McLaren take on the Ferrari 458 Italia on Top Gear here

  11. Ariel Atom V8 in 1.15.1 secs

    Captain Slow drives the anabolic 500bhp Ariel Atom V8. It makes his face go weird. Then The Stig takes it round the track. He doesn’t have a face, so it’s less of an issue.

    Watch the Ariel Atom V8 on Top Gear here

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