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1050bhp LaFerrari XX lands this December

The track-only ‘XX’ version of Maranello’s hybrid hypercar, the LaFerrari, will be launched at the firm’s World Finals in Abu Dhabi in early December, company insiders have confirmed to Top Gear.

And we’re told most extreme production-derived car in Ferrari’s history will make a monstrous 1050bhp, some 100bhp more than the road-going version. Yep, that’s about 50 per cent more power than a 2014 F1 car. Sheesh.

Though it was rumoured the race-spec LaFerrari could use an F1-issue turbo V6, TG is told the XX will employ the same powertrain as the road car – so a naturally aspirated V12 and electric motor – but bumped up to a total output of around 1050bhp, 60-something horsepowers north of the similarly track-only McLaren P1 GTR. It seems that extra power has been found from the V12 rather than the electric modules, which are said to produce the same 161bhp as before.

So it’ll be biblically powerful, but won’t be road legal. Expect the full gamut of track goodies: racing rubber, yet-more-extreme active aero, and a race-spec, bucket-seated cockpit. The, ahem, standard LaFerrari manages 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds, and 124mph in under seven. Just imagine how brutally fast the XX will be.

The XX will qualify for no existing race series (so no XX vs P1 GTR paint-swapping, sadly), but – like its predecessor, the Enzo-based FXX – will get track time at Ferrari’s Corse Clienti programme of eight annual races around the world.

Because, like the FXX, the LaFerrari XXs will be kept at Maranello and maintained by Ferrari’s technical team. “We don’t want them going to collectors,” admitted our insider. “We want them to be driven.”

No prices have been revealed, but our sources suggested the LaFerrari XX’s tag was in the same ballpark as the £2m that McLaren asks for the P1 GTR. The Enzo FXX was limited to a run of 30 cars (the last, of course, being Michael Schumacher’s old company car), and the LaFerrari XX is expected to be produced in similarly limited numbers.

As it won’t wear a licence plate, the LaFerrari XX won’t qualify for TG’s Power Laps board, but – considering Mr Schu’s FXX got round in a blistering 1m10.7 – just how quick do you reckon it could lap our test track? Under a minute? Surely not…

Note: picture above is not the LaFerrari XX

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