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Aston Martin One-77 news - More One-77 numbers - 2008

Calculators at the ready: we’ve got a bunch more numbers on Aston’s One-77. Beyond the ‘One’ and the ‘77’, that is, though they’re a good start.

The 77, of course, refers to the total number of the million-quid supercars being built, and Aston has confirmed that a mere five One-77s are destined for the UK. Just five. Don’t expect to see any at your local petrol station, in other words.

With six heading to the USA, we’d expect that the vast majority of One-77s will be off to the Middle East, straight into the exotic collections of the uber-sheiks.

The oil barons shouldn’t be disappointed with the One-77s performance, though. The mega-Aston is set to get a heavily-revised version of the DBS’s six-litre V12, bored out to seven litres and developing something around 700bhp – a jump of nearly 200bhp over the not-at-all-slow DBS.

Weight should be down, too – that carbon fibre monocoque means that the One-77 should weigh in around 1500kg, lighter even than the V8 Vantage despite its much bigger engine. We haven’t heard any performance figures yet, but we’d guess you’re looking at a car that’ll crack 60mph in well under four seconds, with a top speed significantly north of 200mph.

The One-77 will be slightly longer than the V8 Vantage, though shorter than a DB9, but wider than both – at 190cm across, it’s as wide as a DBS.

Phew. That’s enough numbers for now. Actually, just one more: four. That’s the number of Top Gear staffers we’re prepared to sacrifice to the benevolent god of British supercars in exchange for a first drive in the One-77. Deal?

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