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Ferrari 599 news - Geneva show: Ferrari 599XX and HGTE handling pack - 2009

Bored of your FXX? Thought
so. But fear not, because over at the Ferrari stand the wraps have just come
off its successor - the 599XX. It’s a hardcore track car designed for rich
people with lots of time on their hands. And a slight death wish.

Like the FXX, your money
doesn’t just buy the car. It buys you a whole development programme, a team of
engineers and time on track. You’ll need that, as it’s far from road legal. Its
6.0-litre V12 (from the 599) has been given a kick up the bum, so it now revs
to 9,000rpm. Couple that with 700bhp and things start to look a bit extreme.

Of course, there’s carbon
everything and it runs on full slick racing tyres, so grip won’t be a problem.
Unless it’s wet, in which case you’ll crash hard. The price for all this is yet
to confirmed, but best to plan a lottery win before slapping down a deposit.

Or perhaps you’ll consider
a 599 with the new HGTE handling pack, which was unveiled alongside the XX. It
has stiffer springs and a rear anti-roll bar as well as new, sharper settings
for the magnetic dampers. It also gets grippier tyres and a louder exhaust
through which carnage can be unleashed.

Amazingly, Ferrari has
made the gearchange more rapid too. Considering it’s already one of the
quickest in the business, we reckon that’s deeply impressive.

A more entertaining, more
hardcore 599? Sounds excellent. We’ll have ours in red with those new split-rim
alloys, please.

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