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GranTurismo-GT-Corse - GranTease? - 2008

Just yesterday, you bought us news of a ‘surprise’, only you
wouldn’t tell us what.

And today, we reckon we’ve rumbled you. We’ve spotted this,
see - the GranTurismo GT Corse Concept. Is this what you were hiding from us?
Or is there more to come? Honestly, we just don’t know where we are with you.
Things have to change.

But if we’re right, then we still love you. All is forgiven.
Because this Corse Concept looks excellent. And probably shifts excellently too
- 450bhp should see to that. Its wider track, new aero kit and
dropped/tightened suspension will help too.

We reckon it even has racing slicks, ‘cos you can’t beat
some nice fresh, sticky rubber to keep you glued to quick bends.

And if we delved deeper, we’d even say it has
competition-spec catalytic converters, a centre-exit exhaust and massive brake
discs with fancy racing calipers. And what’s that? An FIA-approved roll cage?
Thanks very much, Maser.

It reminds us of that MC12 Corsa you gave us once. Now that
was a surprise - a stripped-out beast with the V12 from an Enzo, and even more
hardcore than the standard MC12.

With surprises like this, anyone would think you’re
encouraging us to take it near a track. You’re not, are you? That’d be naughty.
And we’d definitely do it.

Unless, of course, this is all just a ruse. Another little
tease. And you’ve still got the real surprise up your sleeve.

So just quit it and tell us already, would you?

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