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Lamborghini Raptor news - If the Reventon's a bit common... - 2008

Aye, that Lamborghini Reventon is all very
nice, but it’s a bit common, isn’t it? One of twenty? Hardly exclusive, is it?

No, if you want a truly exclusive Lambo,
you want one of these. Well, the only one, in fact.

This is the Zagato Raptor, but don’t be
confused by the name: under its bizarre skin, this is a Lamborghini Diablo VT.
It was built by Zagato for the 1996 Geneva show as a one-off concept car, and
is going up for auction at Pebble Beach later this month.

The Raptor retains the Diablo’s 492bhp V12
but, for reasons we can’t completely fathom, does away with the standard
traction control and ABS. The double-bubble roof hinges up at the front - like
Giugaro’s Quaranta concept - and you can clearly see the styling cues that
carried over to the later Spyker C12.

Price? No
idea, frankly. A lot. More than the million-Euro Reventon? We’ll find out at
Pebble Beach.

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