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Every generation of the Dodge Viper gets a new badge on the front. What’s a bit weirder is they all have names too. First we had “Sneaky Pete”, then there was “Fangs”. And for the latest generation we have “Stryker”.

Now, they all may sound like characters from Biker Mice from Mars, but they are a lot more menacing than three anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists. Stryker will take pride of place on the front of the new SRT Viper set to be unveiled this year at the New York Motor Show in April.

We don’t know a lot about the new Viper apart from it’s being produced by Dodge’s high performance SRT arm. But according to Vince Galante, the man who must’ve watched a lot of snake documentaries as the designer of the logo, Stryker “has some lines that reflect the new Viper”.

We’re expecting to see the return of the raucous 600+bhp 8.7 litre monster V10 but with some added MultiAir technology when the covers come off. There are also rumors of an entry-level V8 Viper in the not-too distant future.

But until then, what would you name the new Viper logo dot commers?

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