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Porsche 911 GT2 news - GT2 on the loose - 2008

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We’ve said it before, but news travels fast on the web.
Especially when it’s powered by a 530bhp boxer six engine strung out over the
rear wheels. 

Yes, this is the Porsche 911 GT2. You weren’t meant to find
out about it for weeks and weeks, but some lightfingered soul in the Porsche
factory managed to smuggle out a few details today. And, as these things have a
tendency to do, it all went a bit ballistic over the web. 

So the gents over at Zuffenhausen have responded by giving all the juicy details about the fastest 911 ever. They’re nice like

The biggest news is the mighty horsepower of the 911’s
turbocharged 3.6-litre boxer six. Over 500 horses is a stunning figure - 72bhp
more than the 911 Turbo, with torque of 505lb ft from just 2,200rpm - and it’s
been produced, says Porsche, by concentrating on efficiency. 

Large intake air compressors and variable turbine geometry
don’t just squeeze every possible ounce of power from the six cylinders (but no
doubt the Porsche engineers will find another few bhps in there next year), but
also have a positive effect on the GT2’s economy. Not that you’ll be returning
Prius-bashing mpg figures, we fear. 

With the GT2 tipping the scales at just under a
tonne-and-a-half, it’s set to be frightening quick. Porsche is quoting a
0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and 7.4 seconds to 100mph, but it is well known for
being circumspect over its performance figures.

The GT2 will also be the first road Porsche to top 200mph in
production guise. At 204mph (only on a track, as Porsche is keen to point out),
you’ll probably be glad for the strengthened bodyshell and six airbags on
board. Actually, at 204mph you’ll probably be glad if you can see straight.

In the styling department there are no big surprises, the
GT2 looking every bit the lairy cousin of the GT3 RS and the Turbo. A deep
eggcrate grill at the front and a revised wing at the back keep air going in
and over smoothly, and while it’s not the most beautiful 911 ever, there’s no
doubting that it’ll eat just about anything off the lights.

Porsche was even kind enough to tell us how much the 911 GT2
will set us back when it reaches British shores in November. A curiously
precise £131,070 will secure your spec’d GT2, as well as Porsche’s
Vehicle Tracking System and Driving Experience course.

Failing that, book yourself a flight to Frankfurt for a
closer look at the motor show in September.

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