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This is what Dutch sportscarist, Spyker, hopes will rob sales from Porsche’s 911. It’s called the B6 Venator.

Cool name, isn’t it? It shares the moniker with Spyker’s aircraft from the 1920’s, and is Latin for ‘hunter’. Sounds menacing. Looks menacing too, with trademark Spyker aerospace design nods - the jet-engine intakes, propellor-style wheels, glass canopy and even the gorgeous exposed aluminium inside - that’s pure WW2.

Underneath there’s a mid-rear-mounted V6 petrol engine with 375bhp running through a six-speed auto ‘box. Trouble is, next to that ubiquitous 911, it’s a little bit lacking: a Carrera S with PDK makes 394bhp and weighs around the same - 1415kg compared to the Spyker’s circa-1400kg mass.

Under the all-carbon bodywork, there’s an aluminium monocoque chassis that’s got pretty similar dimensions to the 911. It’s 4347mm long and 1882mm wide with a 2500mm wheelbase. That makes it 74mm wider, but 144mm shorter than the Porsche, with a 50mm longer wheelbase.

It’s only a concept for now, but the manufacturer assures us it’ll reach production by 2014. And it’ll come with a circa £100,000 pricetag, £16,000 more than the S.

What would you go for, TopGear.commers? Exclusivity or out-and-out performance?

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