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Behold: the 750bhp Lykan Hypersport police car

Come quietly or there will be… speed. Welcome to Abu Dhabi’s newest recruit

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Here’s a fun, definitely real fact about W Motors’s £2m Lykan Hypersport. It can fly. It did at least in one of those Fast and Furious films so it must be real. A new fun fact? It makes for a quite terrifying police car.

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi police force’s brand new, 750bhp recruit. There’s nothing specific about what’s been done to this Lykan barring what your eyes can see – a new livery, some blues and twos – so let’s stick to what we do know.

It’s a Lykan Hypersport, which means it’s one of only seven such cars to exist. Each one costs around £2m, and features a 3.7-litre twin-turbo flat six. W Motors reckons on 0-62mph in 2.8s and a top speed of 242mph. So, y’know, fast.

The doors are rear-hinged and open upwards. The leather gets gold thread stitched into it. The LED headlights have diamonds in them, and, as mentioned before, it flies.

W Motors only had this to say: “Would you rather be chased or caught by the Special Forces Lykan HyperSport?” Neither, thanks. We’re fine at this distance.

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