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Jay Kay’s purple Lambo Diablo from ‘Cosmic Girl’ could be yours

Half a million quid gets you into Jay’s personal Lamborghini used in a music video

At £549,995, it’s more expensive than the recently updated Lamborghini Aventador S by some margin, but then this is infinitely rarer, and also, quite purple.

It’s also starred in a music video and been in the custody of a man who likes fast things. Today’s insanely desirable exotic comes courtesy of Auto Trader, who have a 1996 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 formerly owned by Jamiroquai front-man Jay Kay up for sale.

What does 549,995 of your finest English pounds buy you? A 5.7-litre V12-engined brute, that’s what. The SE30 was a celebration of Lamborghini’s 30th anniversary, and Lamborghini celebrates its anniversaries in the best way possible: more power.

So that 5.7-litre V12-engine now kicked out around 523bhp – up from 472bhp – thanks to a remapped fuel system, better exhaust, and magnesium intakes. It was also rear-drive only, featured plexiglass side windows, and got a bit of a facelift too.

Performance? There is a lot of that. Figure on 0-62mph in around four seconds and a top speed of over 200mph. Performance that was aptly displayed on screen – it was one of two Diablos used for Jamiroquai’s 1996 Cosmic Girl music video, and the only one that emerged relatively unscathed.

The first car was written off in a crash, which this second one replaced. During filming, a camera fell onto this car, knocking out its windscreen. Jay simply carried on with the shoot sans front window.

It’s covered 17,266 miles (27,804km on the clock), gets a suede blue interior, has unkerbed alloys (seriously, this is a selling point), and looks, frankly, excellent.

So, at £549,995, it’s more expensive than an Aventador S by some margin. But it’s one of just 150 SE30 Diablos built. And it’s purple.

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