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Video: Koenigsegg’s One:1 smashes the 0-300-0kmh record

Watch the ‘full noise edition’ of the 1340bhp megacar's acceleration-deceleration run. Turn up speakers

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A couple of weeks back, we brought you news that Koenigsegg’s One:1 had decimated the ‘0-300-0kmh’ record, the 1340bhp ‘megacar’ accelerating from standstill to 186mph and braking back to zero in just 17.95 seconds.

This record attempt came with a short video as proof. Unfortunately this video featured – in addition to a car going very fast – a lot of nasty Europop.

But now Koenisgsegg has released a new clip of its One:1’s deranged acceleration-deceleration run. It is called the ‘Full Noise Edition’, and as you may have guessed, it involves much, much more engine noise. And no Europop.
You need to watch it, not just for the Full Noise, but also for definitive proof of just how scary-fast the One:1 is.
See, way back in 2011 the old Agera R set a proper Guinness World Record for the same 0-300-0kmh acceleration/deceleration time, managing it in 21.19 seconds.
The One:1’s 17.95-second run makes it over three seconds quicker that its predecessor. Possibly even more bemusing is that, as you’ll see in the video, Koenigsegg works driver Robert Serwanksi barely has his hands on the wheel during the run.
The full set of stats? 0-300kmh (186mph) took 11.92 seconds. 300-0kmh took 6.03s. On another run, the One:1 went from 0-200mph in 14.3, and braked from 200-0mph in just 6.384s.
Yes, it’s crushed Suzuka, whipped around Spa and beaten its own world record. And now the One:1 is out for the Nurburgring road car record. Would anyone bet against it?

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