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Video: Lotus 3-Eleven hammers around the Nürburgring

Two new video clips show off fastest ever Lotus around the Green Hell. Yikes

The Lotus 3-Eleven is the fastest Lotus to have ever been built. It has also had a few runs around the Nürburgring, which is of course, the motoring world’s Disneyland. Only with more terror.

Now, Lotus has released two new 60-second video clips showing the 3-Eleven doing its thing around the legendary circuit. There is noise, and there is overtaking. It is quite brutal.

You’ll spot how driver Marc Basseng had to contend with plenty of fast machinery during his development runs; development that focused on aero, engine calibration, chassis tuning and suspension geometry. We’re told Marc was one of three drivers helping to set up the car at the ‘Ring, which was the 3-Eleven’s first public appearance outside the company’s HQ. Quite a debut, then.

Some numbers, before you dive into the vids above. Two versions are available, each replete with a 3.5-litre supercharged V6. The ‘Road’ version has 410bhp, a six-speed manual gearbox, and weighs 925kg, while the ‘Race’ 3-Eleven receives a full suite of motorsport parts: adjustable Ohlins dampers, carbon seat, removable steering wheel, front canards and a six-speed Xtrac gearbox nabbed from Lotus’ GT3 racer. You can have an FIA-complaint cage fitted, full datalogging, and you can even take it racing. It’s a very serious bit of kit, even by track day standards.

More numbers? 0-62mph takes 2.9 seconds, 0-100mph is done in six seconds, it’ll pull 1.5g through corners, and boast a Nürburgring lap time of seven minutes. Yep, fast.

Says Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus CEO: “The 3-Eleven’s time on the track gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate its phenomenal pace. It’s the fastest, most focused production road car to ever leave the Lotus factory, and remains true to our values of intelligent and efficient engineering.

“However, you don’t need to be a professional racing driver in order to tap its potential, and it will embarrass so-called hypercars with six-figure price tags. It remains the perfect template for how we will approach the design of all Lotus sports cars in the future.” Yikes.

Once you’re done with the videos, click here to read our review on the 3-Eleven.

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