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This video of the Porsche 918's production line is hypnotic

Warning: contains extended scenes of exquisite German hypercar precision engineering

Do you reckon, as a Porsche 918 Spyder’s 4.6-litre V8 kisses its 9150rpm redline, and 875bhp fires the hybrid hypercar towards the horizon, that any lucky owner will wonder, ‘How did this furious beast of a machine begin its life?’
Probably not. But they ought to, because this video showcasing the birth of the last handful of 918s in Zuffenhausen, Germany, gives a quite extraordinary insight into how one of the world’s most advanced road cars is put together.
Almost all of the car is assembled by hand, for example, from the petrol engine’s valvetrain and those featherweight carbon panels to the fine details of the interior stitching.
And it’s all conducted in near reverential silence, on a bespoke production line. Only Porsche could make the checking of component clearances look sexy, but this serene video verges on meditation for the auto engineering geek.
So, take ten minutes out of your day to respect just how much German precision (the best sort of precision, don’t forget) went into creating 918 examples of Porsche’s ultimate road car. Turns out hypercars don’t have to be screaming along at full chat to blow your mind…

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