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Watch the first three Bugatti Chirons leave the factory

The first three examples of Bugatti’s 1479bhp hypercar are on their way to customers

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After years of development, several hacked-about prototypes and what’s likely to be a sizeable heap of Euros in R&D expenses, Bugatti has released the first three customer-spec Chirons into the wild. It’s quite a sight. And to celebrate unleashing 4,437bhp of superlative supercar on a mostly unsuspecting world, Molsheim has created a glossy video showing its three new children leaving the family home for owners in Europe and the Middle East. You can watch it here. would like to extend particular props to the individual who chose to spec their new €2.4m toy in deep navy blue with a classic ‘Spirit Bleu’ interior. It’s menacing, it nods to Bugatti’s heritage, and it’s somehow not too overly look-at-me. Which is rather novel for what’s set to be the fastest street car the world has ever seen.

If that’s whetted your appetite for a behind-the-scenes look at Bugatti Chriron production in the surgically clean Molsheim factory and the brutal weather and performance tests each car undergoes before dispatch, click on these blue words to check out our gallery of how exactly Bugatti builds its latest quad-turbo W16 monster.

And if you want to hear the new Bug, and see it moving quite briskly, better stay tuned to Top Gear telly…

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