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You need this one-off, £850k aluminium Aston V12 Zagato

It’s the only V12 Zagato with a full aluminium body. In green. With a V12

Do you feel a deep, unquenchable ache in your heart? Was the onset of thine yearning triggered by the viewing of the gallery above? You are not alone, friend. Because the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, first unveiled back in 2011, is not an unpretty car. It is in fact, very, very pretty.

Especially when, like this one currently up for sale, it is resplendent in British Racing Green, covering a unique, full-aluminium body. And especially with the knowledge that this one-off aluminium body hides one of the finest-sounding V12s crafted by human hands.

So not only it is pretty, it’s also rare. This car is one of just two pre-production cars and the only V12 Zagato with a full aluminium body, as opposed to a carbon/aluminium mix. It has also been subjected to a full recommissioning.

The seller, Bell Sport and Classic, explains that this very car was used as a showpiece for prospective V12 Zagato customers, and was owned by Aston Martin itself right up until 2016. Instead of transferring over to a peaceful, quiet life in Zagato’s collection, a ‘very special’ customer persuaded Aston to part ways. Presumably for many pounds.

Said owner – the sole custodian of this car – promptly had the Zag’s paintjob changed from grey to the green you see above, and the interior retrimmed. We’re also told Aston’s engineers were “rumoured to have fettled the 5.9-litre V12 engine to give it a little more power than the standard car’s 510bhp”. Sweet.

It’s one of just 64 V12 Zagato coupes ever built, the only one with a full aluminium body, represents a very specific memory (it was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the gorgeous DB4GT Zagato), and thus, costs a fair old whack. Somewhere in the region of £850,000.

We’re guessing that ache just got… achier.

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