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The Jeep Trackhawk is the fastest SUV... on ice

710bhp Jeep manages 174mph on a frozen lake

Russia’s Lake Baikal is fairly large. Large enough that, when it freezes over in the winter months, there’s enough space for a 710bhp SUV to hit 174mph. And then stop again.

The record was set during the Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival, which is held every year on the ice of the world’s oldest lake in northern Siberia.

Speeds were measured over a distance of 1km (though the course was 12km long for safety), first with a rolling start then from a standing start. The course was run in both directions - in line with Russian Automobile Federation and FIA rules - and averages taken.

With a rolling start the Jeep averaged almost 160mph (257km/h) over 1km, peaking at 174mph (280km/h). From a standing start it averaged over 62mph (100km/h). This, we’re told, makes it the fastest SUV on ice.

The Trackhawk isn’t the fastest SUV on tarmac, of course. It might be able to hit 180mph and do 62mph in 3.7 seconds, but the admittedly much more expensive (and less powerful) Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga Speed have higher top speeds.

Ball’s in their court, then…

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