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Ten Things We Learned This Week

  1. Jean Claude Van Damme's ‘Epic Split' video is the most watched car ad on YouTube and proves he has testes made of adamantium

    The only possible explanation for this advert, now the most watched automotive commercial on YouTube with nearly 60 million views, is that JCVD’s man parts are forged from the fires of Mount Doom. Eye-watering stuff.

    Watch the ad here

  2. Ford and GM don't want to sell cars in Australia anymore and Toyota is now a bit scared

    GM announced this week that it was ending Holden manufacturing in Australia. Ford did the same earlier in the year. Now Toyota is weighing up whether it can “continue operating as the sole vehicle manufacturer in Australia”. Bad times. Look at the burnout picture above and rekindle the good times.

  3. This driver is utterly, utterly unafraid of BARREL-ROLLING INTO A FIELD

    UItimate kudos to this driver who - we are glad to report, suffered no serious injury after her car lost control on a wet road and went head over heels into the adjoining greenery - for not completely freaking out. Her reaction? “Flipping a car? Yeah. Whatevs.”

    Watch the video here

  4. Bernie's new F1 book will cost you really quite a lot of money

    How much money? £615,000, or a cool $1 million. That’s for his new opus on the history of Formula One. It’s 852 pages long. It weighs 37kg. It has 1200 photos. It carries the autographs of every single F1 world champion. It gives you four passes to every single GP of 2014. It has a carbon fibre case. And it’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

  5. Porsche's new Le Mans car is a 2.0-litre 4cyl, and Mark Webber really likes it

    A four-pot in a Porsche? You better believe it. That tech is coming to road cars at some point soon. But you’ve long stopped reading this because now you’re thinking about what Audi has up its sleeve to retain its Le Mans crown, right?


  6. Audi's new Le Mans car is a V6, and we imagine Darth Vader really likes it

    Red headlights and black bodywork and that slippery LMP1 shape means Audi’s new 2014 WEC car looks, frankly, EVIL. As one TG.commentator correctly pointed out, try looking at this car without the Imperial March theme running through your head. Da-da-da-DUM-dada-DUM-dada…

  7. The BMW M3 Coupe is now the BMW M4 Coupe and it will smoke its tyres

    Come on, it’s not that hard: BMW’s odd numbers are for saloons, even numbers for Coupe/Convertible, OK? Also, both the M3 saloon and M4 Coupe have something BMW OFFICIALLY calls ‘Smokey Burnout’ function. This is brilliant.

  8. Thanks to Hyundai, the letter 'N' is now a Fast Letter

    Thus far, N has not been a Fast Letter. But now Hyundai is to launch a new performance sub-brand called ‘N’, after the company’s R&D centre in Namyang, Korea. We now can’t wait for the VelosterN and Santa FeN. Oh, wait…

  9. Someone bought a Lamborghini Gallardo with Bitcoins and we have no idea how it works

    There is an online currency called Bitcoin, and we have literally no idea how it works. But now, somebody has exchanged some Bitcoins (a bag-full?) for a new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. Still not enough Bitcoins mind, to buy that bonkers, one-off Lamborghini Sogna (above).

  10. Mansory is building the Jose Mourinho Supercar and we are officially baffled

    Yeah, so this just happened. We assume it’s not official. We’re still baffled. Also, aren’t ventriloquist’s dummies AWFULLY realistic nowadays?

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