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AGE: 35
OCCUPATION: Model and presenter

What was your first car?

A Mk I Polo called Doris. I learned to drive in her, taking the rubbish down to the end of the drive.

And your best car?

For general fun, I really fell in love with the Maserati GranTurismo S - the difference when you put it into Sport mode was absolutely extraordinary. 

What about your worst car?

A Rover of some description. It used to break down the whole time. And I can’t tell you what I called it, because it’s unprintable.

What’s the fastest you’ve driven?

I think I did about 210mph at Monza in the Maserati Trofeo.

Ever had a crash?

Yes, but never on the road. It was a big one at Silverstone. I spun sideways, hitting the pitlane wall lots of times, and I was rushed off to hospital. I gave up racing after that.

Can you drift?

Yes, but it’s an art.

What’s understeer?

Where… the… you’re going into a corner… I feel it… the arse is not doing… [at this point, Jodie gives up and does an accurate ‘steering arm’ description of understeer].

Ever changed an oil filter?

No, but I possibly could. When we finish this interview, I’ve got to go and change the pipes for the clutch fluid on the Landie.

Can you draw us a car?

My son is obsessed with cars, but I always end up drawing Postman Pat’s van. [pic 2, above]

What’s your best tip for winter driving?

If the road is wet or icy, leave a lot of distance. But you also need to listen to our campaign - take your car along to a dealer and get it checked out thoroughly. Be prepared and aware.

First car: Volkswagen Polo [pic 3]

Best car: Maserati GranTurismo S [pic 4]

Fastest car: Maserati Trofeo [pic 5]

Current car: Suzuki S-Cross [pic 6]

Jodie has partnered with Suzuki and Brake for their Survive the Winter campaign. Find out more on their website. And stay safe out there…

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